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Anion Detox

Negative Ions (Anion) detox spray, the God blessing gift, it maintain 10.1 pH level. In higher alkaline surface Bacteria, virus, cancer cells can't develop; can cure even incurable cancers, diseases. Negative Ions, "Nature's Battery Chargers", are a major natural element that provides energy to the human body.
Our Sanitizer containing sodium bicarbonate, oxidized rock salt and deep sea water fused under a certain temperature and pressure to produce free negatively charged hydrogen ions in an Aqua based alkaline (10.1pH) solution.Certified by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Key Features of Anion Detox :

It is a Natural Product having no Chemical or Toxicity.

It Can Keep the Applied area sanitized for at least 72 Hours. (Wall / Floor / Furniture and Gadgets) .

It has no smell.

Due to its high alkalinity, all the Germs, Bacteria or Virus will be deactivated instantly after application.

It is very effective for Human Detoxification. So those who live in the sanitized area also become detoxified automatically.

Due to its oxygen enhancing capacity, the applied area becomes healthier for Human, pets and Plants.

Different Usage:

Hand Sanitizer

Human Body Sanitizer

Pets and Plant Sanitizer

Home Sanitizer (0.20 ml Anion Detox spray diluted in 1 lt. RO Water)

Area Sanitizer (0.25 ml Anion Detox spray diluted in 1 lt. RO Water)

Available Package :

20ml Spray /1lt Bottle/5lts. Bottle

It's Comparison with Common Sanitizer :

It is Completely Natural having no toxic or Side effect It is made of artificial chemical and must have side effect.
It is human Friendly. It is not Human Friendly.
It can Increase Oxygen level in the applied area It has no such effect.
Has no smell. Must have a smell.
0.1 ml of this Spray in enough for using it as a Hand Sanitizer. 1-2 ml required for Hand Sanitization.
Whole human Body can be Sanitized by it It has no such effect.
It can clear all Germs, Bacteria and Virus instantly. Effect on Germs, Bacteria and Virus are varies by several condition and product.
Its effect will stay for long period (48 Hrs. to 15 Days) It has no such effect.
It can neutralize any toxin within very short time. It self it is a toxic product
It is very much friendly and has many good effects on Pets and Plants. It has adverse effect on Pets and Plants.
it is costly but cost effective. It is less in price but not cost effective due to its momentary effect.
The only sanitizer available can reduce toxicity and increase oxygen level of the area sanitized with it. It gives effect of Nature like jungle or Water Falls. It also produced high energy due to its potential. It can also increase the sustainable life of human body Parts.

Anion Alkaline Bottle

Water is the most important molecule to all life! Water brings nutrients to your cells. It lubricates your tissues, makes them bouncy and resilient, and puts all cells in better shape to perform their functions. It also helps to transport wastes out of your body. The percentage of water in the body is somewhere between 60% and 75%, and this percentage is directly related to one's overall wellness.

A water ionizer gives you better, healthier water than regular tap water or bottled water. The filtration alone makes ionized water cleaner than tap or bottled water. The process of ionizing the water also splits the water into 2 streams, and acidic toxins (such as chlorine and fluoride) are removed out of the discharge hose. The alkalinity helps to detox the body, which is so very important to keeping cells healthy. Finally, a water ionizer's ability to transform water into antioxidant water (molecular hydrogen rich) is part of the reason some people call this "miracle water".

Fill the Water from the Top Small Whole located at the upper portion of the Lead Don't open the Lead to Fill the Bottled
Wash the Bottle Once in a Week with Plain Water & Scrubber. Don't Use any soap or Detergent to Wash this Bottle.
Wash the Inside ceramic Balls Once in Month with either Fresh Lime or Vinegar. Don't Use Un-Filtered Water in this Bottle as it is not a Water Filter
Use RO Water for Better Result Don't Use this Water Bottle as a Replacement of any Medicine or any Medical Therapy.
Change the inside Ceramic Balls After Uses of 2000 to 2500 Ltrs.

Anion Hydrated Water Purifier

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