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Entution is working in Education and research field from last 10 years. We are attached with several project of Govt. Of India as well as state govts. Many scholars completed their research paper under guidance of Entution.

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Interested person for State or District franchisee partner can contact us asap. They can go through our business plan for more details.

Our Product Research

Our research team consulted with the leading doctors of India and abroad to know the causes of Cancer and got clue from the research article of Nobel-prize winning Dr. Otto Warburg, who suggested that cancer cells live in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and derive energy from sugars by fermenting them the way yeast does. From this, he theorised that these low-oxygen and highly-acidic conditions caused cancer. In 2014. our team carried on the thought process further and came out with a Detoxcificante which when applied will increase the oxygen level and create a high alkaline environment in the applied area. In this condition It is proven that in such a high alkaline environment no Virus or Bacteria or any other germs can survive for long. Therefore chances of their multiplication is very low.

Finally implement of the theory, our Two Life Saving Products :

  • Anion Detox Spray

Anion Detox Spray

Anion Detox Spray

Negative Ions (Anion) detox spray, the God blessing gift, it maintain 10.1 pH level. In higher alkaline surface Bacteria, virus, cancer cells can’t develop; can cure even incurable cancers, diseases. Negative Ions, “Nature’s Battery Chargers”, are a major natural element that provides energy to the human body.

Director Message

Supriyo Kumar

I have come to you with some message regarding human health.
A person can’t feel complete and happy without good health. A healthy lifestyle is the main source of all the happiness in someone’s life. Money can help you in buying all the luxuries in this world but it cannot buy you good health. A person is totally responsible for his\her health and he\she has to take care of his\her health in all the possible ways by avoiding a few things and by adopting some new and good habits that lead to a healthy life. So, for well-being and happiness, it is important to switch to a healthy lifestyle.
The main purpose of our organization is to keep human society healthy from chronic diseases like cancer.In today's digital world, when a deadly disease like the corona virus has come forward to wipe out human society, The whole world has come forward to silently lay the paw of death. At that very moment in the courtyard of life and death, God's blessing gift came into our hands - a great herbal medicine for several chronic disease ,which boosts the body's immunity ,increase oxygen level Which will protect you from cancer and save from several virus & bacterial disease.



Shankari Bala

Now a day’s many people are facing various health problems, There is big Question mark How to stay healthy and have disease free life It has become very difficult to maintain good health with modern life style and food habits. As per the scientific research pH Balance of the blood and body fluid plays an important role in maintaining health of the body system.
Our Anion Alkaline Bottle water can help you to maintain pH level in body to fight bacteria, virus and fungi.
Our product approaches not only to High class people but also Lower class people so that they can use this water bottle in economical price. This is our effort for our society health for creating a healthy nation.